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Powering the Digital Economies of Tomorrow

A next-gen digital infrastructure technology company that specialises in delivering innovative, high-performance technology solutions in areas of trade execution, regulatory compliance and risk management.


Areas of Expertise
Our cutting-edge technology is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve, enhance efficiency, and lead the industry with confidence.
Exchange Infrastructure
Technology Implementation
/ Blockchain 
Liquidity provision
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Board of Commissioners

Bambang Brodjonegoro

President Commisioner

Dr Bambang Brodjonegoro currently serves as the President Commissionaire of Telkom Indonesia, Bukalapak and Commissionaire of Astra, TBS Energi Utama and Indofood. His prior appointments in the Indonesian government included serving as the Indonesian Minister of Finance (2014-2016), Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas (2016-2019), and Minister of Research and Technology (2020-2021).


Deswandhy Agusman

Vice President Commisioner

Mr Deswandhy Agusman is currently the Commissioner of PT Maybank Sekuritas Indonesia and PT Berau Coal Energy. He previously served as the Director General of Financing and Savings and Loans Facilities, Department of Cooperatives and PKM, Deputy Minister of the State Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM), Expert Staff to the Minister of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and Chair of the Team for Formulating the Law on Microfinance Institutions (RUU-LKM).

Board of Directors

Eko Putro Adijayanto

Chief Executive Officer


Keenan Agindra



Howe Tan


Mr Eko Adijayanto is the current Founder and Managing Partner of PINA Center for Creative Financing, Senior Advisor at Manulife Indonesia, and Commissioner of PT Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC TPK). Previously, he served as the Special Advisor to the Minister of Research and Technology, Minister of PPN/Bappenas, Minister of Finance, Minister of State-Owned Enterprise and as the President Commissioner of PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur and Commissioner of Indonesia Infrastructure Finance. He has also held senior positions in various public and private banks.

Mr Keenan Agindra currently serves as Director at PT Dreya Investasi Bersama, the holding company of PINA Center for Creative Financing. He previously served as the Special Team to the Minister of Research of Technology. Beyond his technical expertise, Keenan is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He believes that diverse perspectives and experiences are crucial for driving innovation and fostering a positive and inclusive work culture. Mr Keenan also graduated with MA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Mr Howe Tan is the current Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of PICOS Technology and CEO of The Frank Network, an Angel Investing Syndicate and Consulting Firm. His expertise ranges from China Private Equity and China Venture Capital, startups, capital markets and deal advisory. An economist by training, Howe takes a global perspective in his private investments and remains an active global macro trader in the derivative space. Formerly also founded Three Capital, a proprietary commodities and futures trading member of Singapore Exchange (SGX).

Our Capabilities

In a world where technology defines success, we offer the driving force behind your achievements. Our prowess in digital infrastructures, Regtech, Suptech and data analytics empowers your organisation to lead the pack and thrive in a competitive landscape. Elevate your organisation to new heights of excellence and stay ahead in this ever-evolving technological landscape.

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>100 years

of combined regulatory, tech and markets experience


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*subject to requirements and finalisation of scope

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